Cloud.7 is a unique destination for young, spontaneous travellers

Just like you, we use technology to create an environment and platform to connect—with other travellers, and the local community. The ground floor reception-less social hub where you will be able to meet friends and mingle with like-minded curious and connected global travellers. “Grab & Go” snack bar offering food and beverage that is run by specialists with an emphasis on natural and local produce. If you want to stay fit, our gym makes sure you have a place to work up a sweat. Then, retreat to one of our ‘Cloud’ rooms to your own personal, comforting cocoon, and do things your way.

Times are changing, wouldn’t it be great to just instantly buy the art on the wall with your phone? At Cloud.7 we make it possible—all you need is a QR reader and you can take home an affordable gift created by a local upcoming artist.