The Marina Village is Ayla’s primary social hub that aims to entertain and indulge residents and visitors with year-round artistic and cultural events that suits the tastes of adults and children alike. The village is designed and built with cosy narrow streets, plazas, fountains, gateways and water play-areas intended to create memorable and enriching experiences for visitors, as they take leisurely strolls and experience enjoying every moment.

  • Mingle Café
  • Mélange – Coffee House
  • SeaMart – Grocery and Liquor
  • Royal Marine – Boats & Jetski
  • Heroes Burgers & Wings
  • Ananas – Fresh Juice Shop
  • Hands – Concept Store (luxury local craft)
  • Bedouin House – Local Fashion
  • Fashion House – Women’s Fashion
  • The Wine Maker – Wine and Liquor
  • Gifts Center – Perfume and Cosmetics
  • Rawhi Pharmacy
  • Oqab Nuts Shop
  • Sandwich Boutique
  • Talha Odeh – Jewerly & Souvenirs
  • Kegs / English Bar
  • Arak Bar