Cloud7 Hotel Roma

The most innovative community-centric project in the capital of Italy will provide authentic Roman lifestyle and collaborations to be set in immersive communal spaces.

Cloud7 Hotel Roma is located between Via del Corso and Via di Pietra, a few steps from the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon right at the crossroads with the city’s key historical landmarks.

Built in the early 20th century, the building – which over the years has also housed Banco di Roma, will now become a fully sustainable lifestyle boutique hotel in the heart of the capital, equipped not only to protect the environment and the historical context but to also focus on the reduction of water and energy consumption. The new lifestyle destination will become a Hub for interaction between the local community, guests and employees.

Through its exclusive look and feel, Cloud7 Hotel Roma will offer services designed not only for rest and accommodation but also for an experience of the Roman lifestyle within the context of artistic collaborations and cultural and entrepreneurial engagements with the local community.

With its unique location, the 360-degree view from the Rooftop terrace will offer breath-taking scenery of the city centre, and the communal places will be adapted to host events, pop-ups and interactive workshops.