Murat Tamgüç & Bertan Berk

Lunapark Retail & Product Design Owners

Murat Tamgüç and Bertan Berk are designers continuing their activities in the field of product design and who are winners of Elle Décor reward in the lighting category. They try to design products originating from Turkish culture which are modernized as their style.

LUNAPARK Retail & Product Design

Founded in 2004 , Lunapark is a company offering strategic solution partnership in all design studies for the companies providing graphics, architectural and product design services and seeking to build a brand.

While answering to the questions to whom, where, how and what the brand will sell, accordingly some of the strategical steps of Lunapark are to shape the elements to be designed by determining the codes and requirements of the brand, to attract the customer before they get into the store and to fictionalize their experience during this process.

The initiative which has put its team having completed many corporate brand project such as Chakra, Tepe Home, Divan, Boyner, Atasay, Arçelik, Godiva, Habitat, Douglas, TunaEv, Güral Porselen and Koçtaş.

Up to today on the list of ‘design spaces’ in Galata, is their stores which they have been opened under the name of Lunapark Shop and is nostalgic as well as equipped with design objects specific to Turkey.a rosary.

Located in Serdar-ı Ekrem Street, “Lunapark Shop” is, in fact, a place which has been constructed based on the concept of “Turkish Very Much” While including the popular and nationalized design products of early Turkish modernisation, Lunapark Shop also accommodates the samples from selected and current 150 Turkish brands as well as award-winning Turkish designers.

Lunapark has got it all together without any distinction among food, textile, decoration, stationery, accessories, cosmetics.”

All packaging, promotion and exhibition studies seen in this place bears the signature of Lunapark.

You can find Luna Park products at Cloud7 Atakoy Marina Istanbul.

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