New opening: Hütte

When the popular and very well programmed Istanbul club Wake Up Call closed its doors forever due to extensive renovations in their building, they not only left a big gap in the city’s nightlife but also left their founders with a lot of time and energy for new projects.

One of these has now actualized itself in the space formerly occupied by Umumi in Asmalı Mescit. Amidst rustic interior, open brick walls, wood paneling and an impressive mounted ibex on the wall, Hütte serves eclectic tunes by local and international DJs. Their motto “Tanz, Liebe, Schabernack” translates to “dance, love, shenanigans”, and with a backdrop of deep house and tech house the bar is a second home to many of the city’s flamboyant nightlife fixtures and long-standing DJs and producers. When bar-hopping in Asmalı Mescit, this spot should definitely be in your list!