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The rising events and entertainment hub of the city. Perfect for adventurers and fun lovers alike, our exclusive accommodations offer an unforgettable experience. Book now at or call +90 212 939 00 79. Experience the excitement of Istanbul with Stayso!


Stayso by Cloud7 Hotels is ideally situated in the heart of Istanbul, within the vibrant new entertainment hub of Bomonti, Şişli. Here, the streets are alive with creativity, boasting masterpieces adorning walls, musicians serenading passersby, and cozy, colorful cafes beckoning from every corner. Immerse yourself in the adventurous spirit of Istanbul by staying at Stayso by Cloud7 Hotels, where the pulse of the city beats just outside your door.


Yapı Kredi bomontiada, established by Doğuş Group in 2015, is a dynamic cultural hub in Istanbul, offering free access to the public. It serves as a platform for creativity, thought, and sharing, shaping the city’s cultural landscape. With a diverse range of activities including performing arts, film screenings, music events, workshops, and exhibitions, it fosters cultural exchange and collaboration. Home to initiatives like the Ara Güler Museum, ATÖLYE, Babylon, and more, it hosts festivals and collaborates with embassies and cultural institutions to showcase music and art from around the world. Located at an 8-minute walk from Stayso by Cloud7 Hotels, Bomontiada becomes the ideal entertainment destination for our guests, offering a unique cultural experience just steps away. The reception team at Stayso can assist you in making reservations at the Populist or Babylon at Bomontiada for your convenience. Simply reach out via email at or call +90 533 131 74 35.

Adventure enthusiasts

Located just a 9-minute drive away from Stayso by Cloud7 Hotels, Escapist stands as Turkey’s largest escape game center, offering an innovative real-life escape game experience. With six unique rooms and scenarios, Escapist introduces interconnected serial games with captivating narratives, a first of its kind in Turkey. Participants are challenged to decipher clues and solve puzzles within a 60-minute timeframe to successfully escape. Collaboration and keen observation are essential for teams of 2-6 players to navigate through the challenges. Available in both Turkish and English, these escape games foster role-playing, problem-solving, communication, and team-building skills. Catering to tourists, students, families, and corporate groups, Escapist is situated within Trump Shopping Mall in Mecidiyekoy, operating from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. For reservations, simply reach out to the reception team at Stayso via phone at +90 533 131 74 35 or email at

Colorful Houses

The Vibrant Streets of Balat
Balat, a vibrant neighborhood nestled in Istanbul, is a kaleidoscope of culture and history. Just a short 15 to 20-minute journey from Stayso by Cloud7 Hotels, its colorful old houses paint a picturesque backdrop against the bustling cityscape. Historically, Balat served as a thriving Jewish neighborhood, embodying centuries of diverse heritage. Today, it remains a treasure trove of tradition and charm. Visitors can explore its narrow streets, discover hidden gems, and immerse themselves in its rich tapestry of life. Balat offers convenient access to the T5 tram, local ferries, and the stunning Saint Stephen’s Orthodox Church, a testament to the neighborhood’s architectural splendor and religious significance.

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